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Osa Pacific Properties is committed to helping you locate your desired investment, retirement, or vacation property, and negotiate a successful real estate transaction in Costa Rica. Come and explore the Osa Peninsula Region in South Costa Rica, referred to by National Geographic as "one of the most biologically intense places on earth."

Este sitio web se puede ver en español y otros idiomas. Por favor vea el traductor de Google (parte inferior derecha de esta página) y seleccione su idioma. Para obtener ayuda en Español, contacto Adrian Figueroa. 

Many residents and business owners have Osa Peninsula real estate for sale by word of mouth only, so if you do not see a property in size, price range, or description that is suited to your taste or budget, please contact us with a description of what you are looking for. List and sell your Osa Peninsula real estate with Osa Pacific Properties.

The Osa Peninsula Region

In Costa Rica, the Osa Conservation Area is managed by SINAC, the National System of Conservation Areas, and the MINAE, the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Both government agencies are responsible for administration of conservation practices around the country. On the Southern Pacific Coast in the Osa Peninsula Region this responsibility includes 3 National Parks, 15 Wildlife Refuges, 2 Wetland Reserves, a Biological Reserve, and a Forest Reserve.   

A jaguar on the prowl in the Osa   

Please see the "Osa Peninsula News" link to read about: The Costanera Sur (Pacific Highway), The newest Osa Regional Hospital in Cortez, El Diquis southern zone Hydroelectric Power Plant, Osa Peninsula Biodiversity Center, Costa Rica's magical migration of Whales and Dolphins, Payments, Credits, and Loans on Osa Peninsula Real Estate while protecting the Costa Rican environment - Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal, High Tech Companies invested U.S. $470 Million in Costa Rica in 2011, Happy Planet Index 2.0: Why Good Things Don't Have To Cost The Earth, Costa Rica's finest Golf Courses, Proposed new World Class Golfito Marina Complex, Southern zone International Airport gets key public interest designation, The Osa Mascot: Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan (Ramphastos Swainsonii)

Osa Pacific Properties has a business affiliation with retired Costa Rican Judge Cecelia Jimenez Vargas (Spanish Language spoken) , and long time local legal professional Lic. Eduardo Abarca Vargas (English Language spoken). Both Cecelia and Eduardo have vast legal experience, and provide trusted expertise in the heart of the Osa Peninsula Region. If you need legal representation in any matter, place your confidence in truly respected southern zone professionals.         

Sign up to be a Sea Turtle volunteer. Help to make an environmental difference! http://www.osaconservation.org/Volunteer.html


Under the Properties For Sale link, you can search for Osa Peninsula real estate by either price or location. Lots are available from $26,000.  

Current Market Conditions

It is a buyers market with some great buy opportunities. Many sellers are willing to negotiate on purchase price, interest rate, closing costs, and offer generous terms for owner financing. If you have ever wanted to invest in Pacific Costa Rican real estate, there has never been a better time to take advantage of market conditions. Please see the "Osa Peninsula News" link for Costa Rica MLS information. 

Wildlife Diversity in the Osa   

Costa Rica possesses the greatest density of species in the world. This diversity includes some 200 species of mammals, 2,000 species of trees, 850 bird species, and 1,200 species of orchids. In the Osa Peninsula Region, you can enjoy viewing the largest population of Scarlet Macaws in Central America. Osa Peninsula shorelines serve as a nesting area to 4 different species of giant turtles including the Green Turtle, the Leatherback Turtle, the Hawksbill, and Loggerhead Turtle. Warm Pacific waters are home to the largest coral reef on the Pacific Coast of Central America. These same waters host the annual migration of the great Humpback Whale, as well as 24 other whale and dolphin species. The Osa Peninsula has the single largest expanse of a lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and is one of the tallest rainforests in the world. Within one amazing and beautiful country you can find 5% of the biodiversity in the world. 

Daily 30-45 minute flights from San Jose to Palmar Sur, at the heart of the Osa Peninsula, on both Nature Air http://natureair.com and Sansa Airlines http://www.flysansa.com

Got Teak?  Make an Ecological Investment with Big Returns on your Osa Peninsula Real Estate

Teak wood reforestation provides individuals, businesses, and institutions around the world with the opportunity to build their financial future, while saving one of the earth's most precious and scarce natural habitats: the tropical rainforest. "Plantation Teak is a lucrative, rapidly appreciating, tangible asset. In the time it takes Teak trees to grow from seedlings to maturity, after only 15 full years of growth, your asset’s value will likely increase as many as ten times based upon historical price trends". -Pacific Teak Restoration Project. 


 Osa Peninsula Real Estate Rentals 
Ocean view suitcase ready rental homes are available over the south Pacific coast between the beach towns of Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal in the Osa Peninsula Region.
 Many homes have swimming pools, jacuzzi spa, guest quarters, maid service, grounds maintenance, and neighborhood security. Please contact Ted Petersen in advance for availability. 

Enjoy some of Costa Rica's Finest Golf Courses on your way to the newest Golf Course, Spa, and Resort Facility in the Osa Peninsula Region

On your way to the southern zone, enjoy the very finest golf courses in Costa Rica designed by George Fazio (Cariari Country Club), Arnold Palmer (Four Seasons), Robert Trent Jones II (Garra de Leon), Ron Garl (Royal Pacific), Ted Robinson (Los Suenos), Mike Young (Hacienda Pinilla), and Tracy May (Valle del Sol). When you have played your way through, come and see the newest Golf Course, Spa, and Resort in the Osa Peninsula Region, up in the idyllic valley of San Buenaventura. This is a 332 acre resort facility that will offer golf, tennis, fitness & hiking, wellness spa, clubhouse, two tiered swimming pool, and an exclusive restaurant and lounge. Beautiful 18 hole golf course professionally designed by architect Dan Lavis. Nine holes are complete and in play. Par 72 championship layout measuring nearly 7000 yards. In depth golf details at the Osa Pacific News link.

Have You Seen This Bird?


Probably not unless you have been on the trails at Friends of the Osa's Biodiversity Center. The inset photo is that of the Puffbird. White-necked Puffbirds or White-whiskered Puffbirds are most closely related to jacamars, toucans and woodpeckers. They are difficult to see do to a stealthy life-style, but if you look closely on your walk in the Osa, you may find the White-necked Puffbird up high in the rain forest canopy and the White-whiskered Puffbird down below. Puffbirds are stout with fairly large heads, puffed-out feathers, and they demonstrate finely tuned hunting skills. When a Puffbird gets excited, they puff-up and swing their tail feathers back and forth.

Costa Rica Residency - The Democratic Republic of Costa Rica

Citizens of the United States, Canada and European Union may enter Costa Rica with a passport and remain in the country for up to 90 days. Applications for residency will be considered under the categories listed below:

1) Pensionado - pension based residency

2) Rentista - fixed income based residency

3)  Inversionista - the investor program (excludes personal investments such as purchase of a home or lots)

4) Immediate Relative Petition - family based 

The approval of residency is a discretionary matter for the Department of Immigration. Approval by the department favors applicants that can demonstrate that they will provide a financial benefit or contribute to create employment for Costa Rica citizens.


 "Pura Vida" 

Come to visit or come to stay and see why the favorite phrase in the Osa Peninsula and across the country is "Pura Vida", which literally translates to "Pure Life". To the people here, this is not just a phrase, but rather an expression and acknowledgement of the Costa Rican way of life.

Adrian Figueroa, Spanish Language Representative, is a native Costa Rican with 33 years experience in banking and real estate, including 23 years as a banker with Banco Nacional Costa Rica. Adrian has extensive knowledge of the real estate market and a broad range of professional contacts throughout the country. (Para el español, por favor póngase en contacto con Adrian)    

Ted Petersen has a combined 27 years experience in real estate, mortgage banking, and finance, including working as a broker for ERA real estate, a mortgage banker with Royal Bank of Canada, and finance manager for Great Western. Ted represents the real estate interests of Finca Las Aguas Cristilinas, Villa Dominical Heights, Rancho Rana Verde, and T. Ojochal Tortuga S.A. (For English, please contact Ted).  

Osa Pacific Properties supports the work of Christian Pastor and book author Alberto Espinoza. Father Espinoza is the president and Pastor of Ministerios Linaje Escogido (Choosen People Ministries) in San Jose. Pastor Espinoza and his family have devoted themselves to caring for the hungry, sick, poor, and otherwise afflicted people in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in all of San Jose. Contributions for his mission can be made to Banco Costa Rica, swift #BCRICRSJ, account #001-0459475-8.   

Osa Peninsula Real Estate 

Osa Pacific Properties / South Costa Rica / Osa Peninsula Region                          












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